Thank you for your interest in our squash club. Members have unlimited access to the club and there are no court fees in addition to monthly dues. Memberships are for a full year. Sales tax is included in all posted dues.

Annual Single Membership

$1160 paid in full or $105 per month

Annual Family Membership

$1280 paid in full or $115 per month

Annual Student Membership

$800 paid in full or $70 per month

Out of Town membership

$400.00 paid in full
Player lives and works outside 70 mile radius 8 continuous months per year.

2-Month Trial Membership

$105, plus $10 key fob deposit
If you decide to continue, fees paid are applied to regular membership dues.

Guest Policy

A person may be a guest twice in any given month, and a total of eight times from September 1 through August 31 of each year. Visits are $15 for non-students and $10 for students, payable by the member. Guests are asked to sign our guest book upon entering the club.


We will host a league in conjunction with the Madison Squash Association. Non-members are welcome and are encouraged to join the MSA league.

Interruption of Membership

Should business or personal matters result in your being out of Wisconsin for three or more consecutive months, squash dues may be reduced by half for those months you are unavailable to play squash. These arrangements must be made before you leave town.

Moving Stipulation

If after 6 months you wish to terminate your membership before your contract expires as a consequence of moving out of the Madison area, you may do so by paying half your remaining dues.

Renewal Policy

Membership Renewals are verbal, and for a full year.

Injury Policy

Should an injury prevent you from playing squash for three or more consecutive months, your dues will be halved for those months provided you have notified Madison Squash Works at the time of your injury.

The club is not responsible for injuries, nor for lost or stolen items from the club or parking area.

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